Migrating to Medicare: Unlocking Savings and Enhancing Benefits for Public Sector Retirees

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RetireeFirst’s Medicare Migration program is a comprehensive solution designed to address the intricate challenges faced by public sector plan sponsors and retirees. Our program identifies Medicare-eligible retirees that are currently not eligible for Medicare, conducts thorough cost-benefit analyses for the plan sponsor, and guides retirees throughout the entire migration journey, saving the plan money while providing a better retiree experience.

The Challenge of Medicare Migration

One unique challenge our clients face is handling retirees who are ineligible for Medicare due to not contributing to the program during their active working years. While public employees may have made pension system contributions, the absence of Social Security payments excludes them from accessing valuable federal Medicare subsidies. This is particularly common in the public sector, such as teachers who did not have to pay into Social Security. This creates financial burdens for retirees and affects municipalities that miss out on potential cost savings. Facilitating Medicare migration for our clients requires expertise and resources, as the process can be time-intensive and costly.

“RetireeFirst is a true extension of our HR team. Prior to working with them, we struggled to migrate our retirees to Medicare.” Nicholas A. Macolini, Director of Human Resources, City of Fall River, Massachusetts

A Strategic Approach to Medicare Migration

We recognize the significant opportunity for plan sponsors in migrating Medicare-eligible retirees to optimize savings, even after factoring in penalties. To begin, we work closely with the organization’s benefit broker or consultant, calculating penalty costs and creating personalized transition plans for each eligible retiree. Through thorough cost-benefit analyses, we identify retirees who can benefit the most from transitioning to a Medicare plan, maximizing their savings and improving their overall benefits and care experience. Medicare’s value often outweighs any upfront costs it entails. Additionally, RetireeFirst directly supports retirees, streamlining the migration process and enhancing administrative efficiencies for plan sponsors. This allows your team to focus on their core responsibilities while ensuring retirees enjoy a smooth transition experience.

Key Benefits of Medicare Migration:

  • Cost Savings: Medicare Migration empowers plan sponsors and retirees to capture federal Medicare subsidies that were previously untapped. This unlocks substantial cost savings for retirees and municipalities, providing them with financial relief and maximizing the value of their retirement benefits.
  • Expert Guidance: With Medicare Migration, retirees benefit from the expertise of our team, navigating the complexities of the Medicare system. From answering questions to providing personalized support, we ensure retirees have the necessary guidance for a seamless transition.
  • Right-Fit Plans: Through meticulous cost-benefit analyses, Medicare Migration matches retirees with the most suitable group retiree benefits plans. This tailored approach ensures retirees receive optimal coverage while minimizing costs, providing them with peace of mind during their retirement years.

Discover the Power of Medicare Migration

Discover how our program helped our client save $380k annually in this compelling case study.

If your organization is seeking assistance with Medicare migration, contact RetireeFirst today. Together, we can maximize the potential of Medicare and enhance benefits for your retirees.

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