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Preserve Retiree Health Benefits

RetireeFirst has helped hundreds of towns, cities, counties, states, K-12 and higher ed institutions. We have group retiree health benefits management solutions that preserve and enrich the healthcare experience while reducing costs, liabilities, and administrative workload for plan sponsors.

Retiree Health Benefits are Critical, but Costly and Confusing

Administering retiree health benefits is a significant, time consuming challenge for public sector entities and their benefits teams. Rising costs and long term liabilities make it difficult to balance your budget and plan for the future. Leaders also know that maintaining comprehensive health benefits for retirees is critical to attracting and retaining talent to the public sector in a competitive hiring market.

Find the Path to Better Benefits and Experiences

We specialize in assisting public sector entities—towns, cities, counties, and state agencies—with group retiree health benefits management. Our goal is to help safeguard and enhance retiree health benefits while reducing your costs and time spent. Through our proprietary partnerships with major national carriers, regional health plans, and TPAs, you’ll gain access to the most comprehensive offerings and competitive rates available. With our team of experts handling administrative responsibilities, you can redirect your focus to other pressing priorities while your retirees are in excellent hands with our dedicated Advocates guiding them every step of their benefits journey.

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Protecting Benefits for Public Sector Retirees

Benefits of RetireeFirst for Public Sector retirees include:

  • Reduced premiums and out-of-pocket costs
  • Personalized support with Retiree Advocacy Services
  • Retirees talk to a live person based in the U.S.
  • Outbound calls made on retirees behalf
  • Guidance to lower-cost drug or benefit alternatives

Achieve Significant Value for Plan Sponsors

Benefits of RetireeFirst for Public Sector plan sponsors include:

  • 20–50% immediate bottom-line savings for groups moving to Medicare Advantage for the first time
  • Annual market analysis to ensure competitive benefits and renewals rates
  • Reduced long term liabilities
  • Reducing benefit staff workload giving back staff valuable hours in their day
  • Satisfied and healthier members
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Recent Case Studies

City of Denton logo
City of Denton

“I can’t fully express how much I appreciate the great job the RetireeFirst team does with our retirees when assisting with issues. The Advocates go above and beyond to help our members feel comfortable.”

Worcester County Maryland logo
County Commissioners of Worcester County

“Throughout the implementation process, RetireeFirst was very supportive and provided a thorough explanation. During a time of difficult transition for retirees, they were helpful in answering our members’ questions about providers and pharmacy.”

Los Angeles County Office of Education logo
Los Angeles County Office of Education

Mildred Butler

“It is wonderful speaking with a human rather than a chat bot! I appreciated my Advocate’s thoughtfulness and sweet demeanor. This company is a breath of fresh air.”

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