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Medicare Migration

RetireeFirst’s Medicare Migration program is designed to address the intricate challenges faced by public sector plan sponsors and retirees. We help identify Medicare-eligible retirees that are currently not eligible for Medicare, conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis for the plan sponsor, and guide retirees throughout the entire migration journey, saving the plan money while providing a positive retiree experience.

One unique challenge our clients face is handling retirees who are ineligible for Medicare due to not contributing to the program during their active working years. While public employees may have made pension system contributions, the absence of Social Security payments excludes them from accessing valuable federal Medicare subsidies. A common example is teachers who did not have to pay into Social Security. This creates financial burdens for retirees and affects municipalities that miss out on potential cost savings. Facilitating Medicare migration for our clients requires expertise and resources, as the process can be time-intensive and costly.

Benefits Director Treasurer’s Department, City of Lynn

Nanci M. DeJoie

“Transitioning to Medicare is confusing and can be complicated for anyone. There is so much advertising on TV and through the mail with all the insurance companies competing for business. RetireeFirst was extremely helpful to us in this transition. They took the time to speak with our retirees and answer all their questions and were very patient and professional throughout the whole process. RetireeFirst has been a great ally for our team.”

Director of Human Resources, City of Fall River, Massachusetts

Nicholas A. Macolini

“RetireeFirst is a true extension of our HR team. Prior to working with them, we struggled to migrate our retirees to Medicare. In the state of Massachusetts, we had members who, up until the 1980’s, did not pay into Medicare, making them ineligible. We purchased Medicare for them and the RetireeFirst team was a huge help with this entire process, bringing everyone into the picture to ensure members were properly enrolled in the best plans to meet their specific needs.”

A Seamless Transition for Plan Sponsors and Retirees

Plan Sponsors

Reduce administrative workload and costs


Gain a guiding hand and trusted Advocate through the enrollment and transition process

Hands-On Medicare Migration Expertise

Migrating members to Medicare can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

We understand the public sector.

Public sector group plan sponsors and their members face unique challenges when it comes to transitioning to Medicare. It takes a deep understanding of the complexities of pension systems, Social Security and Medicare regulations—all of which our team is intimately familiar with—to navigate the Medicare Migration process.

We’re Medicare experts.

We stay current on regulations in an ever-changing environment and understand the intricacies of the group Medicare market space, including rules on eligibility. We know the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage and MAPD, Medicare Supplement and Part D, and can help you find the path that’s right for you.

We provide individual support.

We have a 90+ Member Net Promoter Score, and it’s because of our Advocates. Your retirees will receive personalized support from trusted, trained Advocates through every phase of their journey, starting with enrollment. No call or question will remain unanswered.

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