RetireeFirst Broker and Consultant Partnerships

Drive Value for Clients by Simplifying and Maximizing Group Retiree Health Benefits

We partner with you to solve the complex challenges your group plan sponsor clients are facing. Our expertise, solutions and services enable you to help your clients lower costs, liabilities and alleviate the day-to-day administration of retiree healthcare plans while improving the member experience. With a bespoke RetireeFirst partnership, you can differentiate your services, increase client satisfaction, and win and retain more business as a result. It’s a win-win.

Group Plan Sponsors Have Unique Needs—We Help You Meet Them

Group retiree benefits are complex. Plan sponsors struggle with determining and implementing benefit strategies to optimize retiree health coverage while lowering costs and OPEB liabilities, and handling the administrative requirements and member needs that come with managing a group retiree program. They also need to minimize member disruption when making benefit changes, and encourage retirees to take a more active role in their health and wellness.

Meeting the distinct needs of group plan sponsors is a challenge. We partner with you to solve it together.

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Our sole focus is group retiree health benefits.

We’re experts in Medicare benefits strategies. When you partner with RetireeFirst, we bring our solutions and services to you as the plan sponsors’ trusted advisor, and you bring something unique to the table for your clients. We specialize in developing strategies designed to preserve group retiree benefits, lower costs, and long-term liabilities, and alleviate the administrative challenge and time it takes plan sponsors to service their members. Our world-class Advocacy service provides your clients with high-touch, personalized service, supporting members with everything from obtaining new ID cards to utilizing services from their health plan, helping retirees to live a healthier life and improving outcomes for all.

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Custom Partnerships Designed to Strengthen Your Client Relationships

When you partner with RetireeFirst, you get an Ace in the hole. Our priority is meeting your and your clients’ goals, and we tailor our partnerships to work best for you. Leverage us however you need us.

From providing white labeled content for client education, to advising on optimal retiree health benefit strategies that meet group plan sponsor needs, to handling member engagement, we’re dedicated to ensuring both your and your clients’ success.

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Learn how we support your services, enabling you to deliver even greater value to your clients

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Unlock Extra Value for Clients & Stand out from Competition

New On-Demand Webinar for Brokers and Consultants

Plan sponsors face many challenges around retiree benefits, including rising other post-employment benefits (OPEB) liabilities, plan and drug costs, heavy administrative workloads, and the pressure to enhance benefits while maintaining a stress-free retiree experience. It’s on consultants’ shoulders to address these challenges in a way that’s also beneficial for their own business. Watch this complimentary webinar and learn how to strengthen your service offering and drive extra value for your clients.

Partnership Benefits

Preserve Retiree Benefits while Lowering Costs

We design solutions that preserve and enhance benefit quality while driving material cost savings.

Make Clients’ Jobs Easier

Our services alleviate the day-to-day administration of retiree healthcare plans—saving your clients hundreds of hours per year.

Improve Member Experiences

Our Advocates give retirees a guiding hand to navigate their entire healthcare and benefits journey, and connect them to programs that help improve their health and wellness, resulting in happier and more engaged members.

Save Time, Drive More Value

With back-office, turn-key retiree Medicare expertise and support and carrier bid services, you can free up your in-house resources to focus on other areas to best serve your clients.

Deliver Meaningful Results to Clients

We have 100% retention from 250+ clients serving group retirees in all 50 states.

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Since our inception in 2005, we have consistently maintained a 100% client retention rate, each year delivering a world-class level of service with Net Promoter Scores with plan sponsors and group retirees in the 90s, significantly above the industry average of 60.

We’re experts in Medicare. We stay current on regulations in an ever-changing environment and understand the intricacies of the group Medicare market space. We can help design, implement, manage, and administer the ideal plans for your clients—saving time for both you and your clients.

Our approach addresses a myriad of client needs, reducing costs and administrative workload while improving retiree care and outcomes. Brokers and consultants partnering with RetireeFirst can help group plan sponsors realize immediate bottom-line savings of 20–50% for groups moving to Medicare Advantage for the first time.

Members receive personalized support through RetireeFirst. We provide a dedicated phone line and a live human on the other end of it, including someone who understands their unique needs. All member cases are assigned a lead Advocate as first point of contact to develop a one-on-one relationship with the member and take full responsibility for end-to-end issue resolution and follow-up calls.

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