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Retiree Benefits Management

Program Implementation and Client Services

At RetireeFirst, we are committed to delivering a seamless client experience that spans every aspect of preserving and managing your group retiree benefits and members. From the initial plan implementation to ongoing administration assistance, our Support services are tailored to meet your needs, allowing you to maintain your current processes without any disruptions. By partnering with your consultant and carrier, we ensure that our efforts strengthen, not duplicate, existing initiatives.

We pride ourselves on our world-class Net Promoter Scores (NPS) 90+, a testament to the satisfaction our clients experience. With a remarkable 99.9% client retention rate, you can be sure that teaming up with RetireeFirst means you’ll get strong support and achieve your goals.

How We Partner with You

At RetireeFirst, we offer comprehensive client support that encompass three key areas: a dedicated service team, eligibility management, and billing and invoicing.

Provider Outreach
and Education

Continuity of care is of utmost importance to retirees. During the implementation phase, we proactively reach out to local doctors and medical professionals to inform them of the new group plan. This helps ensure a smooth transition for the plan’s retirees, who often have long-standing relationships with their doctors.

Our goal is to ensure healthcare providers can seamlessly accommodate retirees on new insurance plans, and prevent the frustration, disruption, and other challenges that can stem from patients having to change doctors.

Plan Administration

We fill in the gaps and support our clients by handling time-consuming manual tasks that typically fall outside of a carrier’s purview, such as refining data or cross-checking enrollment spreadsheets.

As plan members age-in to Medicare, it takes time and energy to facilitate their enrollment in a group plan. Retirees at this new stage often have many questions about coverage and expectations. RetireeFirst frees up our clients’ staff and offers reassurance to retirees.

Eligibility Management

We can manage ongoing eligibility for your retiree healthcare plan. This involves ensuring that retirees are enrolled and disenrolled on the requested date, all while adhering to the guidelines set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). We also provide flexibility in accepting retiree enrollment data in any format that is convenient for you. Additionally, we go the extra mile by making personalized welcome calls to each new retiree, introducing ourselves, extending a warm welcome, and informing retirees about the arrival of a comprehensive welcome packet, following the initial plan implementation.

Billing and Invoicing

We offer support throughout the billing and invoicing process, which includes thorough eligibility reconciliations to guarantee the accuracy of information across client, carrier, and RetireeFirst records. Invoices are then carefully generated to reflect real-time eligibility status. The team also offers the flexibility to customize invoices to include any client-specific details you may require. Additionally, there are multiple payment remittance options available, making the payment process as convenient as possible for you.

Your Dedicated Service Team

Our approach is comprehensive and high-touch—we empower you with a dedicated team of experts who act as your partners for seamless support.

Vice president, client relations

Plays a central role with coordinating renewals, plan changes, reporting, donation requests, event and meeting participation requests, and escalated plan design questions and concerns.

Client service manager

Day-to-day main contact for various plan needs, such as billing, eligibility, retiree concerns and assistance, plan design questions, retiree outreach requests, network issues, and more.

Vice president, client services

Available to assist with high-priority, escalated situations and concerns.

Implementation specialist

Primary point of contact during the implementation process, oversees client calls, retiree communication, initial eligibility, and follows the implementation on the carrier’s end through the go-live date.

Client Service Director

Provides client oversight and assists Client Service Managers with high-priority and escalated situations.

Retiree advocates

Serve as the point of contact for retirees, addressing plan questions and concerns. They initiate calls to pharmacies, providers, and others to resolve issues, ensuring resolution. They educate retirees on ancillary plan benefits and promote health and wellness programs.

Regional vice president, sales

Plays a pivotal role in the initial stages of client engagement. They work closely, either directly with the client or in collaboration with consultants, to understand the client’s challenges and needs.

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Benefits Manager, City of Grapevine

Rachel Gent

“Being able to pass benefit administration to RetireeFirst has been a huge help. They do patient advocacy, they educate the retirees, they do outreach, which is huge. They are there to support the retirees. I didn’t really have to lift a finger. I would highly recommend working with RetireeFirst.”