RetireeFirst’s Member Rights and Responsibilities

Last Updated: January 16, 2023

This Member listing of Rights and Responsibilities outlines exactly what you can expect from your health care experience and how you can improve that experience as well. You have the right to request a copy of this information at any time. We can send this copy via email, mail, or facsimile upon request. You can request this information by calling your dedicated Retiree Advocacy Hotline and speaking with one of our Retiree Advocates.

You have the right to:
  • Be treated with respect and dignity by RetireeFirst personnel and other health care professionals associated with.
  • Privacy and confidentiality for your personal health information.
  • Voice concerns about the service and care you receive.
  • Register complaints and appeals concerning your health plan.
  • Receive timely responses to your concerns.
  • Access to doctors, health care professionals, and other health care facilities.
  • Receive and make recommendations regarding the organization’s rights and responsibilities policies.
  • Have coverage decisions and claims processed according to regulatory standards, when applicable.
  • Request material concerning member information disclosure.
You have the responsibility to:
  • Know and confirm your benefits and services before receiving treatment.
  • Contact an appropriate health care professional when you have a medical need or concern.
  • Show your health plan ID card before receiving health care services.
  • Pay any necessary co-payment at the time you receive treatment.
  • Provide information needed for your benefits.
  • Notify RetireeFirst of any changes in your address or family status.
  • Call your dedicated RetireeFirst phone number when you have a question about your eligibility, benefits, claims, and more.