Our Solution: Strategy

Retiree Benefits Management

Market Analysis and Plan Design

Navigating the complexities of group Medicare plans demands a strategic approach. At RetireeFirst, we specialize in end-to-end Retiree Benefit Management, and the first step is Strategy. From market analysis to plan design, proposal management, and carrier negotiations, our goal is to craft the best strategy tailored to your unique needs.

We closely track industry trends and handle hundreds of Medicare cases annually, giving us valuable insights into pricing dynamics. Our team of licensed Medicare experts collaborate with you to create a roadmap, starting with analysis and Medicare product selection. We assist in maximizing the value of your plan, reducing costs, and providing the best possible support to your members.

With clients ranging from labor unions to city governments and public universities, our team has deep expertise across multiple sectors in developing and implementing expertly designed benefit plans.

Partnering with New Clients

Benefit Assessment, Plan Design, and Carrier Selection

Effective Medicare plan design begins with a comprehensive benefit analysis. After a needs assessment, we negotiate with carriers to secure the best options to fit our clients’ budgets and requirements. All carrier options are vetted and shared with clients based on their organization-specific preferences. Our carrier partnerships ensure access to the market’s best options. Moving into Medicare product selection, we help determine the best plan suited for your retirees’ needs, balancing benefit preservation and affordability.

Driving Value with Renewals

Opportunities Captured with Annual Market Renewals

RetireeFirst works with our clients and carriers to provide market-competitive renewals based on the needs of the organizations we serve and their retirees. Alongside our carrier partners, we are focused on plan retention—which minimizes disruption to members—so we pursue potential rate locks or caps for both new and renewing business when available.

Our longstanding relationships with carriers and familiarity with their operations provide an edge in negotiations, allowing us to work in unison with them without being duplicative. Clients receive their carriers’ annual renewal terms in alignment with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.

We Value You and Your Business

At RetireeFirst, we are committed to delivering value, ensuring you receive the best health plan for your unique circumstances. Whether you’re a new client exploring benefit options or an existing client looking for competitive renewals, we’re here to serve your needs, providing expert guidance and unparalleled support every step of the way. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Medicare Migration

RetireeFirst’s Medicare Migration program is a comprehensive strategy designed to address the intricate challenges faced by public sector plan sponsors and retirees. We identify Medicare-eligible retirees, conduct thorough cost-benefit analyses to determine right-fit plans, and then seamlessly migrate retirees.

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