RetireeFirst Carrier Partnerships

Collaborating to Meet Your Group Retiree Health Insurance Benefits Goals

We create mutually beneficial partnerships with carriers and health plans both nationally and regionally.

Our focus is on collaborating with you, connecting you with plan sponsors, and enhancing your services—ultimately helping you achieve your goals and providing our clients with unrivaled outcomes.

Focusing on What Matters to You

We understand the complex Medicare space. The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving. Competition is increasing. And, in the age of value-based care, engaging members to take ownership of their health is critical.

Our team of experts collaborates with you and your teams to meet the unique needs of your group plan, sponsor clients—and your goals. We deeply understand the Medicare space, and work with our carrier partners to mutually support operations and ensure compliance, and, most importantly, elevate client and member satisfaction.

We focus on creating personal relationships with retirees, helping them navigate and manage their benefits, and creating a less stressful retirement experience throughout their healthcare journey. Our world-class Advocates proactively educate and connect members to carrier programs that help improve their health and wellness, ultimately helping to close gaps in care.

Featured Carrier Partners

Driving Member Engagement Collaboratively

Retirees need guidance navigating the intricacies of their benefits and healthcare. Retiree advocacy is our passion and hallmark, and it shows.

Our carrier partnerships are true collaborations. Our clients can preserve retiree benefits that are important to them and receive personalized, hands-on service, and carriers see increased member volume and engagement, resulting in better health outcomes and reduced gaps in care.

Partnership Benefits

Drive Member Volume

We work with you to achieve mutually beneficial goals. By connecting you with group plan sponsors seeking to transition to Medicare and/or optimize retiree health benefits, you can generate increased member and revenue volume.

Our clients can also streamline operations with reliable, hands-on benefits implementation and management solutions, in collaboration with you. We’ll work in lockstep with you, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Increase Engagement

Our unparalleled Retiree Advocacy Services work in partnership with you to give retirees a guiding hand and help them navigate their entire benefits journey. This includes assisting members with requests on everything from ID cards to billing questions, Prior Authorizations, Tier Exceptions, formulary drug and network assistance, and additional value-added educational services.

As part of our Gaps in Care program, Advocates also connect retirees to carrier programs that can improve their health and wellbeing. More engaged members means happier and healthier members—driving value for the plan sponsor and for you.

Close Gaps in Care & Improve Ratings

Our relationship-oriented approach enables us to build trust with retirees to proactively provide education and encouragement to them to obtain appropriate screenings and preventative care, resulting in better health outcomes for members, plan sponsors and carriers—and ultimately closing gaps in care for improving HEDIS and STARs measures.

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A Synergistic Partnership with Meaningful Results That Matter to You

Our retirees receive personalized support from our advocacy team through every phase of their journey. All our Advocates are based in the U.S., and they are never measured on call handling time. This approach has consistently garnered a Member NPS score of 90+.

Through our trusted relationships with individual retirees, RetireeFirst has demonstrated success in providing proactive outreach to educate members on available wellness, clinical, and other benefits. It’s what enables us to connect members to health and wellness programs that close gaps in care, improve the health of retirees, and HEDIS and STARs measures.

We have a 90+ Net Promoter Score and 99.9% Client Retention Rate—significantly higher than the industry benchmark—which is a testament to our people-first approach and results.


Net Promoter Score

Over 90% of our clients recommend RetireeFirst


Client Retention Rate

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