Medicare Migration for Group Retiree Benefits Made Easy

Simplifying the Enrollment Process

TransitionFirst is our proprietary ​​program focused on helping members transition to Medicare—but it’s much more than that. We help identify Medicare-eligible retirees, conduct cost-benefit analyses to determine right-fit group retiree benefits plans, and then seamlessly transition retirees into Medicare. TransitionFirst takes the administrative burden off plan sponsors and guides members from start to finish—making it easier for everyone.

Medicare Migration Takes Time and Expertise

The Medicare landscape is increasingly complex. Regulations are evolving and reading the fine print can be time consuming, overwhelming, and downright confusing. Expertise in analyzing the options is important to finding the right path—otherwise you could miss out on cost savings and end up with a stressful member experience.

TransitionFirst simplifies the process. Our Medicare experts deeply understand the space and can help you identify who is eligible for Medicare as well as provide a detailed cost–benefit analysis to help you determine the best way forward. We also do the heavy lifting when it comes to enrolling your members in Medicare, with our highly knowledgeable Advocates providing hands–on consultative support through the entire process.

TransitionFirst reduces administrative burden and costs—improving outcomes for all. It can also be implemented as part of our end–to–end Retiree Benefit Management solution, HealthcareConnect for a truly seamless healthcare experience.

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“My Advocate, Paul, is very easy to talk to. When I had a challenge with my insurance cards, his actions and our conversations reassured me along the way. He kept on top of it and even called me to check in on the progress.”

A Seamless Transition for You and Your Retirees

Plan Sponsors

Reduce administrative burden and costs


Gain a guiding hand and trusted Advocate through the enrollment and transition process

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Hands–On Medicare Migration Expertise

We help plan sponsors reduce costs while enhancing the overall benefits and experience for members. By conducting cost–benefit analyses to help you identify Medicare–eligible retirees and migrate them to Medicare, our clients can see substantial cost savings.

We are Medicare experts. We stay current on regulations in an ever–changing environment and understand the intricacies of the group Medicare market space, including rules on eligibility. We know the ins and outs of Medicare Advantage and MAPD, Medicare Supplement and Part D Pharmacy, and can help you find the path that’s right for you.

We have a 90+ Member Net Promoter Score, and it’s because of our Advocates. Your retirees will receive personalized support from a trusted, trained Advocate through every phase of their journey, starting with enrollment. No call or question will remain unanswered.

Transition Members to Medicare with Ease

Migrating members to Medicare can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.    

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Cost–Benefit Analysis

Identifying member eligibility requires depth of expertise and resources and can be time-intensive for plan sponsors. Our team of Medicare experts takes the burden off your plate. We start by conducting a cost-benefit analysis to identify who should transition to Medicare and when, including spotting members who qualify early. In cases where retirees may not be immediately eligible due to their participation in pension plans, our experts will help you determine the best and most cost–effective path forward.

Hands–On Enrollment & Migration

Transitioning to Medicare is often a hectic experience—but it doesn’t have to be. Our world–class Advocates make it stress–free. From setting up appointments with CMS, to helping members properly enroll in Medicare and providing consultative support, our Advocates are instrumental in guiding retirees through every step of the process. Our team also handles the administrative aspects of the migration, including documentation collection, announcements, setting up reimbursements, and more—ensuring a complete and smooth transition from start to finish.

Hands-On Enrollment & Migration
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