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We have partnered with labor unions for more than 15 years. We put the needs of your fund and retirees first, dedicating a suite of solutions for single and multi-employer health funds that enables you to see immediate savings, reduce OPEB liability, and preserve the benefits your retirees deserve.

Traditional Plans Drain Time and Money

Each year it becomes more challenging for group plan sponsors to navigate and continue providing the high level of post-retirement medical and pharmacy benefits as in years past. Preserving health benefits for retirees is becoming increasingly unsustainable for labor unions.

Sound Familiar?
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Both my plan costs and OPEB liability are increasing along with the number of my Medicare-eligible retirees

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Maintaining or improving my retiree benefits without increasing my costs

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Considering innovative plan alternatives is unsettling

Serving Labor Union Needs is Our Heritage

Learn how we got started in the labor sector and hear directly from clients who have been with us for over 10 years.

Retirees Come First

When you work with RetireeFirst, union retirees receive personalized support through every phase of their journey. It means a dedicated phone line routing to a live Advocate on the other end of it—including someone who understands the nuances of Medicare, their plan design, and their unique needs. Advocates also connect members to programs from their carrier that can improve their health and wellbeing. Our retirees are happier and healthier, resulting in lower overall costs and greater satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Save Time and Make Benefits More Sustainable

We know preserving benefits while lowering costs and improving member satisfaction is important to you. With RetireeFirst, it’s possible. You can realize immediate bottom-line savings by redesigning your group retiree health plan, without sacrificing benefits. And thanks to our Retiree Advocacy Services, retirees have access to Advocates dedicated to helping them navigate the complex retiree healthcare landscape. Our highly customized approach is an invaluable resource not only to your retirees but also to you and your staff.


Immediate bottom-line savings for groups moving to Medicare Advantage for the first time


fund staff and retiree support


Client Retention Rate

Our clients serve as references, a testament to their satisfaction

Recent Case Studies

Plumbers & Gasfitters Local-12 Boston seal
Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12, Boston Massachusetts

Roger Gill

“As Fund Administrator of Plumbers & Gasfitters Local 12, I have had the pleasure of working with RetireeFirst since 2016, and I highly recommend their services. RetireeFirst has been instrumental in simplifying the utilization of our plan and benefits for our retiree Part D participants. They understand the challenges seniors face due to the overwhelming amount of Medicare information they encounter. RetireeFirst provides invaluable support, especially during the over-the-top ad campaigns for Medicare Advantage plans. These ads tend to cause confusion. Whenever our members see commercials or receive outreach materials related to Medicare Advantage, I can rely on RetireeFirst for communication best practices. Their expertise and guidance, including the creation of impactful outreach letters, have greatly contributed to enhancing our members understanding and peace of mind.”

International Brotherhood of Teamsters logo
President of Teamsters Local 282 of New York

Thomas Gesualdi

“Throughout our 10 year partnership with RetireeFirst, we have experienced incredible customer service, significant cost savings, and most importantly, improved benefits for our retirees. Since working with the company, we have saved a significant amount of money for the same medical plan by simply eliminating unnecessary fees—enabling us to keep the same benefits in place while adding additional benefits, coupled with an extra layer of service for our retirees.”

Alaska Laborers Local 341 and 942 logos
Alaska Laborers Local 341 and 942

Renee Saunders

“My advocate, Julianne, consistently provides excellent service from initial contact through resolving issues. I never had a representative who was so attentive, conscientious, and interested in helping me while being very friendly the whole time. What a pleasure!”

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Fund Chairman, Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Pension Fund

Carl Pecoraro

“Working with RetireeFirst has completely transformed the funding of our plan as it relates to retiree healthcare. They have been a valuable partner for over eight years, from designing to implementing to managing our Medicare retirement benefits. They do all of this while guaranteeing quality retiree benefits that are still affordable.”

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