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Our Retiree Advocacy Services are unlike any other. We are dedicated to helping members navigate the complex retiree healthcare landscape. Our Advocates deliver the most people-centric customer service model the industry has to offer. We’re dedicated to serving retirees’ needs on every level—helping them understand their benefits, connecting them to programs that will improve their health and wellbeing, and providing them with a stress-free experience.

Compassionate, Mission-Driven, Human. Here to Improve Retiree Lives.

Retiree Healthcare Is Complicated. Members Need an Advocate.

Medicare is complex, and retirees have a wide range of healthcare and insurance needs. Whether facing a serious health problem, transitioning to a new plan, or dealing with a confusing bill, members need experienced support to navigate the many questions that arise when it comes to retiree health benefits.

Creating a positive experience through retiree healthcare advocacy is our priority—and it starts with people. Our Retiree Advocacy Services are at the heart of everything we do. We work every day to create a seamless benefits experience and deliver on the promise of improving the health and happiness of the people we serve. Retirees talk to a live person based in the U.S.—no chatbots or call hold times—who helps to proactively resolve any healthcare benefits challenge they face.

Local 274

Eugene Digiovacchino

“I am very happy and satisfied working with my Advocate, Victoria. She answers all of my questions and goes out of her way to solve any issues I have. Thank you!”

Automobile Mechanics’ Local #701 Welfare Fund


“RetireeFirst truly understands the daunting nature of navigating the world of Medicare and has been consistently supportive and reassuring throughout the entire process. Their assistance has been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for their understanding and helpfulness.”

City of Fall River


“After retiring, I moved to Medicare and had several questions. Fortunately, I received comprehensive assistance and guidance from RetireeFirst, who helped me navigate this unfamiliar territory. Their support allowed me to grasp the process with clarity, and I am truly grateful. Thank you!”

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 322


“Sarah was personable and very competent. She understood my problem immediately, called the pharmacy, and had all issues straightened out within minutes. The same problem with the pharmacy occurred at a later date. I called RetireeFirst and it was taken care of right away.”

Wicomico County Public Schools


“My advocate, LaShonda, was great! She answered every question I had, even offered to call my doctor’s office to help them understand my new Medicare Advantage plan. Everything worked out great!”

We Are Caregivers

Navigating retiree healthcare benefits is challenging. Let us be your guide. Helping retirees successfully find their way through the complicated Medicare landscape is our passion—and our involvement doesn’t stop there. We pride ourselves on providing support through their entire benefits journey. Our Advocates are dependable, compassionate, and focused on creating meaningful, lasting impacts on retirees’ lives.

Navigating Benefits

Wading through retiree healthcare benefits can be daunting for plan members. There can be multiple plans and confusing language—and things can change annually. Our Advocates offer a guiding hand to help members fully understand their benefits, options, and resources. They proactively help retirees with everything from formulary, tier, and copay assistance, to educating seniors about their network and doctors that are available to them, to calls with Medicare, Social Security, healthcare providers, and pharmacies, to understanding prior authorizations, generic availability, and other pharmacy-related questions.


Administrative details can be the most frustrating part of healthcare benefits. We take care of that too. Our Advocates can update personal information, obtain ID card replacements, assist with claims, billing, and payments, and help file applications for various programs. The list goes on and all retirees need to do is ask.

Connecting to Health & Wellness Programs

Most members can’t keep up with all the programs available to them. We proactively reach out to retirees to educate them on available wellness, clinical, and other preventative care benefits through our Gaps in Care program, connecting them to resources that can help reduce gaps in care and improve their health.

Retiree Healthcare Advocacy is our Hallmark

Providing retirees with personalized support throughout every phase of their healthcare journey means going the extra mile. Unlike traditional call centers, RetireeFirst does not use call menus. We believe in direct, human-to-human communication, with an average speed of answer from a live Advocate of less than 15 seconds. All of our Advocates are based in the U.S. and they are not measured by the quantity of calls they handle; instead, they’re evaluated based on the quality of their interactions. We don’t focus on call handling times; our sole focus is on meeting our members’ needs, no matter how long it takes.

Strong Connections Built on Relationship-Based Care

With Retiree Advocacy Services, all member cases are assigned a lead Advocate as first point of contact. Advocates develop a one-on-one relationship with members and take responsibility for follow-up calls and end-to-end issue resolution of retiree needs. Unlike any other advocacy programs, our Advocates proactively reach out to provide status updates, ensuring members know we are working on a resolution. RetireeFirst’s proven, people-centric approach is the cornerstone of our members’ satisfaction and it’s why we have a Member Net Promoter Score of 90+.

Through trusted relationships Advocates build with individual retirees, RetireeFirst has demonstrated success proactively engaging members around available benefits options they may not realize they have access to within their plans. Connecting members with programs and opportunities focused on mental health, fitness, nutrition, and other benefits leads to happier, healthier retirees, resulting in lower overall costs, a significantly reduced administrative workload for plan sponsors, and greater satisfaction for all.

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Our Advocates receive specialized geriatric training, ensuring they can provide the best retiree healthcare advocacy service possible.

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