Streamlining Group Medicare Plan Enrollment for Plan Sponsors and Retirees

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Medicare Advantage (MA) and Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) enrollment are on the rise, particularly for group retiree plans, such as public sector and labor union retirement plans. The flexibility and benefits offered by these group health insurance plans present stiff competition to traditional options like COB or Medicare Supplement plans. But what does the transition process entail for plan sponsors? Will there be pushback from members? How can we manage this transition smoothly? At RetireeFirst, our goal is to simplify the implementation process and ensure a seamless transition for all involved. We pride ourselves on guiding plan sponsors every step of the way and addressing member concerns before they become issues. With over 11 years of experience as the VP of Implementation, I’ve overseen the process leading up to the go-live date for hundreds of plans. Let’s explore the implementation process for both our clients and their members and what you can expect.

Sample Implementation & Communication Timeline

Sample Implementation & Communication Timeline

We recognize that our clients lead busy lives and may not have extensive knowledge of Medicare intricacies. Therefore, we make it our priority to simplify the entire enrollment process for them. We kick off with weekly meetings with clients, providing dedicated support during the period leading up to the plan’s launch. Each client is paired with a designated implementation specialist, ensuring personalized guidance and expertise. Additionally, your entire assigned Account Management team will remain with you for the duration of your plan, eliminating the need for anyone to get up to speed after implementation. This approach fosters consistency and efficiency, enhancing the overall experience for our clients. When clients submit their member enrollment data, we prioritize flexibility by accepting data in any format, sparing them from rigid templates. We ensure compliance with CMS guidelines and handling all necessary filings, billing, and eligibility requirements. We also simplify document completion by pre-populating all necessary forms, leaving our clients with the straightforward task of signing.

“The RetireeFirst team is incredible! Thank you all so very much for the continued support for us here but most importantly for the members we serve. It is a true pleasure working with you.”

—2024 Client

Our commitment to simplification extends to the members who are moving to the new plan. All communications to members are crafted to be clear and straightforward, using plain and approachable language to ensure seniors are neither confused nor overwhelmed. This approach applies to all welcome letters, announcements, webpages, and FAQs, ensuring members are well-informed and prepared for changes. All members receive an initial letter with a magnet with their specific Advocacy team phone number, serving as their lifeline for questions or concerns throughout the process. We also offer multiple meeting options, whether in person or virtual, providing a comfortable and welcoming setting for members to learn about their plan, ask questions, and engage with their RetireeFirst Account Management Team.

“We just completed the last of the retiree meetings for the Medicare Advantage groups we have going live on 1/1/24. Working with your team has been excellent. Kelly was critical in developing and marketing the plans to our mutual clients, Briana has given us tremendous confidence managing the implementations, and Tara professionally reviewed the plans at these meetings with the participants and helped field numerous questions. I am a firm believer that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and while we are far from go live with these 4 groups, I know we have planned for successful transitions. My compliments to you on your team, and thanks to you, and them, for all their help getting us to this point.”

—2024 Client

Our goal at RetireeFirst is to make the implementation process as seamless and stress-free as possible for both our clients and their members. By simplifying the journey and providing support, we strive to instill confidence and alleviate any concerns. With partnerships extending to national and regional carriers and close collaboration with brokers and consultants, RetireeFirst is committed to driving savings, increasing member satisfaction, and preserving retiree benefits. Partner with RetireeFirst today for a seamless transition to a group Medicare plan.

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