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Retiree Benefits Management

Strategy, Support, and Advocacy

Navigating group retiree benefits is challenging. Costs are rising, the Medicare landscape is complex, and plan sponsors need to manage benefits budgets and risks while making sure retiree needs are met.

RetireeFirst delivers an end-to-end Retiree Benefits Management solution that does just that. We keep pace with changing regulations and understand the intricacies of the group Medicare market. In close partnership with plan sponsors and their brokers and consultants, we help design, implement, manage, and administer group retiree healthcare benefits. Our offerings, focused advocacy efforts, and people-centric approach deliver immediate savings, significantly reduce administrative workload, and enhance the benefits experience.

We solve real needs that make a real impact. See how.

What We Do

Our sole focus on retiree benefits means you’ll gain an expert guide to lead the way. Retiree Benefits Management is a seamless, end-to-end solution built on three pillars: Strategy, Support, and Advocacy. We partner with you and your broker or consultant to meet your unique needs so you can reduce costs and gain valuable time back in your day.

We’re Medicare experts. Let us take care of the heavy lifting.

Market Analysis and Plan Design


We closely track industry trends and handle hundreds of Medicare cases annually, giving us valuable insights into pricing dynamics and plan sponsor challenges. Our licensed Medicare experts collaborate with you to create a tailored plan to maintain or enhance benefits while reducing costs.

Program Implementation and Client Services


Many retirees are overwhelmed by changing healthcare plans as concerns arise around doctors being in network, prior authorizations, and medication coverage. Minimize their worries with our dedicated account team, who will send member mailings, answer eligibility and enrollment questions, and handle billing and reporting. From our wellness team to our billing manager, we ensure a frictionless process.

Retiree Advocacy Services


Personalized services are our hallmark. We provide custom assistance through a retiree’s journey, helping them understand their benefits, options, and resources while connecting them to health and wellness programs. World-class support from compassionate, expertly-trained Advocates has consistently earned us a monthly 90+ Member Net Promoter Score (NPS) for outstanding service.

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Carl Pecoraro

“Working with RetireeFirst has completely transformed the funding of our plan as it relates to retiree healthcare. They have been a valuable partner for over eight years, from designing to implementing to managing our Medicare retirement benefits. They do all of this while guaranteeing quality retiree benefits that are still affordable.”

A Clear Path to Unrivaled Outcomes

We say what we mean, and we do what we say. Since our inception, RetireeFirst has put people first, consistently earning world-class NPS and client retention rates.


Immediate bottom-line savings for group plan sponsors.


Net Promoter Score

Over 90% of our clients recommend RetireeFirst


Client retention rate

Our clients serve as references, a testament to their satisfaction


market analysis to ensure competitive benefits and renewal rates

Achieve Meaningful, Lasting Impacts

We partner with you as an extension of your team, so you can focus on other priorities.

Plan Sponsors

Reduce costs and streamline administration

Brokers & Consultants

Maximize value for your group retiree benefits clients


Improve benefits experience and health and wellness

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