RetireeFirst’s Rebrand Emphasizes Retiree Medicare Advocacy

Workers in an Office Setting Talking

Recently, we proudly unveiled Labor First’s rebrand as RetireeFirst, designed to create a refreshed brand identity to best serve our loyal clients and better convey our position as the premier retiree benefit management solutions and Medicare advocacy service provider. 

The impetus for the rebrand was to unify our two brands. To get there, we created new brand messaging and a comprehensive marketing strategy. We mixed in an updated logo, a striking new website, some sharp imagery and…here we are!

Let me walk you through the updates.

The RetireeFirst Name

We’ve always put retirees first. Retirees receive personalized support through every phase of their journey. It means a dedicated phone line routing to a live Medicare Advocate on the other end of it – including someone who understands the nuances of Medicare, their plan design, and their unique needs.

Our Logo

The RetireeFirst logo is the center of our visual identity. It presents an elevated, premium feel that conveys credibility, authority, innovation, and a high-end design aesthetic that provides a sense of established trust. The two core tones represent trust and sophistication. These colors work together to create an elevated and established brand palette.

Rebranded RetireeFirst logo

Brand Color Palette 

Blue represents RetireeFirst’s commitment to protection and transparency, signaling the type of critical data and the people it affects. The orange represents optimism and energy. The orange can be seen as a light shining a clear path for Retiree’s solutions. Together and apart, these colors represent a spectrum and dynamic nature of RetireeFirst’s unique brand identity and mindset.

Design Elements

The RetireeFirst brand uses a variety of design elements to tell the brand story in a compelling manner. The unique illustration style of RetireeFirst’s design highlights the innovation and usability that’s core to our culture.

Photography and Film

For full authenticity, it was important to me that we feature our employees in our working environment, real retirees at meetings we attend, and clients at their offices. We worked with a talented team to create these beautiful brand narrative films that can be found on our new website.

Medicare Advocate helps retiree


We chose language that is heartfelt, down to earth and not overly technical to give the messaging a people-centric feel that’s presented as proven and reliable. We combined a friendly, transparent, and approachable tone with data-backed assertions and proof points, to evoke confidence and excitement in the brand and its expertise, solutions and services.

Our Brand Attributes

As caregivers, our values are: credible, human, dependable, and impact driven.

  • We show up for our clients. We understand the gravity of our work, which is why we don’t say things lightly. We mean what we say, we do what we say, and you can trust in what we say.
  • We—a team of compassionate, mission-driven humans—are empowering plan sponsors to preserve benefits and improve outcomes for retirees. We solve real needs for human impact.
  • We partner with our clients, members and carriers to ensure their needs are met. We know that by collaborating, we all thrive—and that means listening to and helping each other toward our collective goal.
  • We are on a relentless pursuit to create meaningful, immediate, and lasting impacts on the healthcare industry and, more importantly, retirees’ lives.

Now that our name and mission of Medicare advocacy exist in perfect harmony, we’re eager to forge ahead. In the next phase of our journey, we’re seeking to further hone in on our unique approach, identifying new ways to address a myriad of client needs, reducing costs and administrative burden, while improving retiree care and outcomes. Through our trusted relationships with individual retirees, we’re excited to further build on our demonstrated success in providing proactive outreach to educate members on available wellness, clinical, and other benefits.

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