RetireeFirst’s New Services Help Retirees Navigate Health Benefits

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As an ever-evolving organization, we understand that navigating group retiree benefits is challenging. Costs are rising, the Medicare landscape is complex, and plan sponsors need to manage benefits budgets and risks while making sure member needs are met. We are considered leaders in the group retiree benefits space and are always here to partner with your organization to make sure you aren’t alone.

We know that when retirees are happier and healthier, costs are lowered and the administrative burden for plan sponsors is greatly reduced, resulting in greater satisfaction for all stakeholders. Therefore, we’ve also enhanced our service offerings to better meet client and retiree needs. Building upon our new name and mission, we are launching the next phase of our rebrand journey!

RetireeFirst Unveils Six New Services

Clients can now look forward to new, innovative offerings, which are now known and organized as:

  • HealthCareConnect – An end-to-end retiree benefit management solution to help plan sponsors design, implement, manage, and administer group retiree healthcare benefits. HealthCareConnect reduces costs and administrative burden for plan sponsors, while significantly enhancing the benefits experience, and helping improve health and wellness for members.
  • TransitionFirst – Helps identify Medicare-eligible retirees, conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine right-fit plans, and then seamlessly transition retirees into Medicare.
  • MemberFirst – A world-class advocacy program dedicated to helping members navigate the complex retiree healthcare landscape and troubleshoot issues with the carrier, provider office, and/or pharmacy. It is embedded into all RetireeFirst offerings.
  • MemberCare Connect – Engages members to take ownership of their health, reduces gaps in care, and ultimately improves health and wellness of the retiree.
  • Off–Exchange – A program supporting retirees with moving from an individual Medicare product to a group Medicare retiree benefits product. Plan sponsors gain more value from their retiree benefits plans while reducing administrative burden, and members get dedicated, hands-on support from RetireeFirst Advocates who walk them through the entire process.
  • HRA/HSA Solutions – Plan sponsors offering their members Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) gain RetireeFirst expertise and guidance in setting up accounts and helping retirees understand their benefits. Members also receive a branded card and gain access to a proprietary RetireeFirst web and mobile app to manage their funds.

Preserving Retiree Healthcare Benefits. Ensuring Peace of Mind.

These six new services truly make RetireeFirst a differentiator that enables us to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Our new offerings together create a seamless benefits experience that will serve as a guide for your organization through the complicated group retiree benefits maze.

Each of our offerings are built upon our capstone service; MemberFirst, an unparalleled advocacy program that gives retirees the personalized benefits support they need. We go above and beyond for our clients, and our Advocates give retirees a guiding hand to navigate their entire healthcare and benefits journey—ensuring peace of mind.

If any of our services can provide a benefit to your organization or if you simply want to receive a more detailed walkthrough of any product, please contact us and an advisor will reach out to you shortly. Additionally, to learn more about all our new offerings, explore our Services page on our website.

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