RetireeFirst’s End-to-End Retiree Benefits Management Solution Helps Retirees Navigate Health Benefits

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As an ever-evolving organization, we understand that navigating group retiree benefits is challenging. Costs are rising, the Medicare landscape is complex, and plan sponsors need to manage benefits budgets and risks while making sure member needs are met. We are considered leaders in the group retiree benefits space and are always here to partner with your organization to make sure you aren’t alone.

We know that when retirees are happier and healthier, costs are lowered and the day-to-day administration for plan sponsors is greatly reduced, resulting in greater satisfaction for all stakeholders. Therefore, we’ve also enhanced our service offerings to better meet client and retiree needs. Building upon our new name and mission, we are launching the next phase of our rebrand journey!

Our end-to-end Retiree Benefits Management solution is built on an array of Strategy, Support, and Advocacy services, as follows:

Strategy: Market Analysis and Plan Design

We closely track industry trends, handle hundreds of Medicare cases annually, and partner with all major national health carriers, giving us valuable insights into market pricing dynamics and plan sponsor challenges. Our licensed Medicare experts collaborate with you and our cCarrier partners to create a customized plan that will maintain, or even enhance, benefits and reduce costs.

Support: Program Implementation and Client Services

As you transition your retirees’ healthcare plans, it is not uncommon to encounter apprehension among retirees. Concerns arise regarding doctors being out of network, prior authorizations, and medication coverage. Additionally, plan implementation and ongoing group management can be overwhelming and time-consuming for plan sponsors.

We surround you with a dedicated team with specialized roles that can provide as much or as little support as needed throughout the process. We can send member mailings, host member meetings, answer eligibility and enrollment questions, and handle billing and reporting. With such a wide range of expertise dedicated to your success, from a Wellness Team to a Billing Manager, you can trust that the entire transition process will run smoothly from start to finish.

Advocacy: Retiree Advocacy Services

Retirees benefit from dedicated support in navigating the complicated retiree healthcare space. High-touch, personalized advocacy services are our hallmark. Our Advocates provide customized assistance through every phase of a retiree’s journey, helping them fully understand their benefits, options, and available resources, and connecting them to health and wellness programs.

Advocates develop a one-on-one relationship with members and take full responsibility for end-to-end issue resolution of retiree needs. We go above and beyond for our clients, and our Advocates give retirees a guiding hand to navigate their entire healthcare and benefits journey—ensuring peace of mind. World-class support from compassionate, expertly-trained Advocates has consistently earned us a 90+ Member Net Promoter Score (NPS) every month for outstanding service levels.

Preserving Retiree Healthcare Benefits. Ensuring Peace of Mind.

Our services truly make RetireeFirst a differentiator that enables us to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Together, they create a seamless benefits experience to guide your organization through the complicated group retiree benefits maze.

For more information on how our services could benefit your organization, please contact us and an advisor will reach out to you shortly. For general information, explore the Our Solution section of our website.

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