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Gaps in Care

Through our Gaps in Care program, RetireeFirst actively engages retirees to take ownership of their health. Our world-class Advocates are dedicated to providing personalized retiree support, increasing engagement and meeting the needs of each member. Partnering with carriers, they proactively educate and encourage retirees to obtain appropriate screenings and preventative care, resulting in better health outcomes for members. And when members are healthier, everyone benefits.

We Invest in Our Retirees

Taking care of people takes time. Our Advocates provide the customized guidance needed to ensure members have access to the right resources to meet their specific needs—no matter how long it takes. This approach maintains our 90+ Member NPS score and enables us to serve as trusted advisors, connecting members to health and wellness programs—including activities and education that close care gaps and improve HEDIS and Star ratings.

Local 274

Eugene Digiovacchino

“I am very happy and satisfied working with my Advocate, Victoria. She answers all of my questions and goes out of her way to solve any issues I have. Thank you!”

Automobile Mechanics’ Local #701 Welfare Fund


“RetireeFirst truly understands the daunting nature of navigating the world of Medicare and has been consistently supportive and reassuring throughout the entire process. Their assistance has been invaluable, and I am deeply grateful for their understanding and helpfulness.”

City of Fall River


“After retiring, I moved to Medicare and had several questions. Fortunately, I received comprehensive assistance and guidance from RetireeFirst, who helped me navigate this unfamiliar territory. Their support allowed me to grasp the process with clarity, and I am truly grateful. Thank you!”

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 322


“Sarah was personable and very competent. She understood my problem immediately, called the pharmacy, and had all issues straightened out within minutes. The same problem with the pharmacy occurred at a later date. I called RetireeFirst and it was taken care of right away.”

Wicomico County Public Schools


“My advocate, LaShonda, was great! She answered every question I had, even offered to call my doctor’s office to help them understand my new Medicare Advantage plan. Everything worked out great!”

Healthier, Happier Members

Prioritizing Member Relationships Bridges Gaps in Care

More Engaged Members are Happier and Healthier

Through trusted relationships, our Advocates educate and connect members to supplementary programs from their carrier that can close their gaps in care. RetireeFirst has demonstrated success with proactive outreach to raise awareness of available wellness programs focused on mental health, nutrition, and holistic care. Our retirees are happier and healthier, contributing to lower overall costs, a reduced administrative workload for plan sponsors, and greater satisfaction for all. Here’s how it works.

Our Carrier Partnerships

Carriers often have great ancillary plan benefits for retirees that can be overlooked. Personalized member relationships are often the best way to connect retirees to these resources. That’s what we do best. RetireeFirst collaborates with all major national carriers in real time, assisting members with scheduling annual wellness checkups and appointments, vaccinations, HEDIS measures and more.

Our Member Relationships

With our Gaps in Care program, we empower members to take ownership of their health and wellbeing. From providing information on beneficial programs to scheduling appointments and issuing check-up reminders, our Advocates stop short of nothing to ensure retirees get the best possible care from every available angle.

It All Comes Down to the Member

RetireeFirst Chief Product Officer on Closing Gaps in Care

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