Delivering Superior Service to Retirees: Honoring our Retiree Advocates

RetireeFirst Medicare Advocates

Retiree Advocacy Service is our hallmark. We’re dedicated to helping members navigate the complex retiree healthcare landscape and troubleshoot issues with their insurance carrier, provider office, and/or pharmacy at the member level. We also connect members to programs that can improve their health and wellbeing. RetireeFirst Advocates build real relationships with members. It is a world-class service model unlike anything else in the industry.

Strong Service Metrics

Our key Retiree Advocacy Services performance metrics for 2023 represent the significant value we provide to members, clients, and carrier partners:

  • Achieved a Member Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96+. Over 96% of our members recommend RetireeFirst for Retiree Advocacy Services.
  • RetireeFirst Advocates handled 72,000+ calls related to plan design questions and 28,000+ calls concerning network issues.
  • Advocates managed 80,000+ calls dedicated to resolving billing issues and providing informative responses to billing inquiries.
  • Our team arranged 3,000+ preventative care visits. We also educated 15,000+ retirees about prevenative services, including annual wellness visits, diabetic eye exams, and breast cancer screenings.
  • Average speed of answer from a live Advocate is less than 15 seconds. For that reason, we do not use call menuus.

Rewarding our Advocates

Delivering on this level of member service is a tremendous accomplishiment. As a show of appreciation, we held our annual Account Management Service Awards event, where we awarded Advocates across multiple categories:

Highest NPS and Service Scores

We survey members monthly to measure performance and calculate NPS and Service scores for each Advocate. NPS scores are based on members advising how likely they are to recommend RetireeFirst to others in their group. Service scores are compiled through members’ responses to a range of questions regarding Advocate responsiveness, knowledge, and others. Following were our top-rated Advocates:

  • Highest NPS and Service Scores: Michael Verbaro
  • 2nd Highest NPS and Service Scores: Rhonda Thompson
  • 3rd Highest NPS and Service Scores: Tanisha Taylor
  • 4th Highest NPS and Service Scores: Alexandria Paine

Highest On Call Time

Members receive personalized support through every phase of their journey. Our Advocates understand members’ unique needs. The Advocate who answers their phone call will be assigned to their case as the first point of contact from beginning to end, develop a 1-1 relationship with the member, and take full responsibility for issue resolution and follow-up calls.

We reward Advocates for the amount of time they spend working with members to resolve their issues and ensure their health, happiness, and peace of mind. Advocates are focused on meeting member needs, no matter how long it takes. The winner of the Highest On Call Time was Dianna DeSanto-Wallace.

Highest Number of House Call Sign-Ups

As part of our Gaps in Care program, Advocates connect members to carrier programs that can improve their health and wellbeing. More engaged members means happier and healthier members—driving value for plan sponsors and carriers.

One of these programs, known as house calls, entails a registered nurse or physician conducting medical checks and screenings in the member’s home. The visit also involves medication checks, food and nutrition reviews, home safety assessments (working smoke detectors, secure railings and floorboards), and many others.

Advocates are rewarded for how many house call appointments they sign up, given the importance of this program. The winner of the Highest Number of House Call Sign-Ups was Megan Mills.

With our Advocates, one thing is clear: They absolutely love serving and developing relationships with retirees. They’re honored to bring health, happiness, and peace of mind to retirees, and for this, we’re happy to honor them. Here are some images from our Awards sessions:

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