On-Demand Webinar | "What to Know About the CMS Final Rule"

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In our second informational webinar on CMS changes, our CEO John P. Dulczak and Chief Product Officer Sheela Andrews, Pharm D., will review important updates outlined in the CMS final rule and implications to Group Medicare Advantage and Part D benefit plans in 2025.

Our goal is to inform group plan sponsors and their consultants about the latest changes to the 2025 Medicare landscape and what actionable steps they should consider to prepare for the future and minimize any potential financial impact.

Topics include:

  • CMS payment restructuring driving potential changes to premiums and benefits offerings
  • Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) on prescription drug coverage
  • Changes to Group Medicare Part D phases and financial contributions
  • Medicare Prescription Payment Plan (M3P) updates
  • Timelines and key dates
  • Potential impact on Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) plans

Changes to Part D Phases and Contributions in Depth

In 2025, the coverage gap phase will be eliminated and more members will move into the catastrophic phase. Members will have a $2,000 annual out-of-pocket spending cap for prescription drugs in place of the current catastrophic phase. Join our webinar to learn more about these changes and more.

Changes to Part D Phases and Contributions 2024 and 2025 Chart


John Dulczak headshot

John P. Dulczak
Chief Executive Officer

Sheela Andrews headshot

Sheela Andrews, Pharm D.
Chief Product Officer