Baby Boomers at High Risk for Hepatitis C

Posted:June 22, 2016

Hepatitis C is now the most deadly infectious disease in America, and this trend’s greatest effect is on baby boomers. The generation born from 1945 to 1965 lived through a time when medical technology for injections and blood transfusions were not as safe as they are today. As a result, “baby boomers — those born from 1945 to 1965 — carry the greatest burden associated with the disease, as many have been unknowingly living with it for years.”

Today, baby boomers are retiring and starting Medicare at age 65. This raises questions about Medicare’s coverage of hepatitis vaccines and treatments. While vaccines for hepatitis A and hepatitis B are available, there is currently no hepatitis C vaccine. However, an antiviral pill regimen that includes ribavirin (also known as the brands Rebetol, Copegus and Virazole) can be used to treat hepatitis C.

It is important to check with your Medicare Part D plan administrator to see how ribavirin is covered. Union retirees in Labor First managed Part D plans can contact us with any questions.DOCTOR WITH PATIENTS