The Continual Decline of Retiree Health Exchanges

Posted:June 14, 2016

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: A multipart saga of dealing with the Medicare Part D Rx insurance industry” is Skip’s third blog installation. In this piece he talks about the numerous outcomes of his first few articles pertaining to the complicated world of Medicare and Retiree Health Exchanges.

Skip has received an influx of responses from his employer, competing companies, and many insurance brokers after posting his articles.  He does specifically mention a call he received from Labor First Chairman & Chief Officer, John Dulczak, following publication. John explained to Skip how our Retiree Health Exchange is built specifically for post-retirement union employees. The Labor First exchange platform is designed to save retirees money, reduce financial liability for plan sponsors, and offer first class advocacy services. John thanked Skip for taking a stand and revealing all the faults in the current systems. Skip goes on to say, “One only wishes that our own (my) benefits manager was as responsive and progressive as they (Labor First) are.”

Skip’s employer likewise reached out to thank Skip for making them aware of the hardships their retirees faced in choosing Medicare coverage with the selected Exchange firm. Labor First understands that employers want the best for their members; they want to offer the high-level of benefits members are accustomed to.

The lack of compassion and real human interaction he had when selecting something so crucial to his health, wellbeing, and overall retirement experience was particularly upsetting to Skip. It proved to be near impossible to speak to the same representative twice or get hold of a specific person. Labor First Retiree Advocates genuinely care about the happiness and welfare of their members. If a member is not comfortable using the online exchange platform, they are encouraged to call a Retiree Advocate to help guide them towards the right Medicare Plan. Retiree Advocates are available by name, without hold time, from the inception of the plan and thereafter to help with a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Part D pharmacy, or Medicare Advantage related issues.  We look forward to the next article from Skip and hope that it is only up from here!