The Group Retiree Post 65 Challenge 

In the dynamic world of group retiree benefits, brokers and consultants face unique challenges in serving clients in the specialized area of Medicare benefit strategies and plans. At RetireeFirst, we understand these obstacles and have designed comprehensive solutions to help brokers and consultants overcome them. Our expertise can support you in delivering enhanced services to your clients.

Your clients face cost pressures, long-term liabilities, reputation management, and the complex task of administering retiree plans. We recognize the significance of these hurdles and are committed to bridging the gap by providing tailored solutions, such as affordable Medicare plans, valuable resources, administrative relief, and fostering goodwill with retirees.

At RetireeFirst, our role is to complement and support your efforts as an extension of your organization. Our aim is to help brokers and consultants differentiate themselves with clients who have group retiree health benefits and fuel business growth. We offer flexible working models that adapt to the unique needs and requirements of each broker and consultant, ranging from externally visible partnerships to behind-the-scenes collaboration.

“RetireeFirst provides specialized expertise in assisting and supporting our clients in navigating the complexities of Medicare Advantage coverage. From quoting to implementation, RetireeFirst takes care of every aspect, delivering end-to-end support in obtaining the right medical and prescription retiree benefits at a more favorable cost. We value our partnership with RetireeFirst, as they serve as an extension of our services, ensuring our clients’ retirees receive the exceptional level of benefits they deserve with ongoing support and service. You don’t need to be an expert in Medicare if you partner with RetireeFirst.” Peter Abitanto, Partner, Senior Consultant, Taft-Hartley & Labor Practice, Connor Strong & Buckelew 

Our sole focus is on group retiree healthcare. We have specialized expertise that is not available elsewhere. With deep market intelligence, pricing insights, carrier contracts, and a unique service model, we provide brokers and consultants with a competitive edge and empower you to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet your clients’ needs.

When partnering with us, you gain access to our support, allowing you to shine as the broker or consultant. We take pride in enabling you to take credit for the exceptional service and valuable solutions you provide to your clients. Our collaborative approach ensures that you remain the trusted advisor, offering expert solutions and innovative strategies that consistently deliver value.

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