Alleviating Day-to-Day Plan Administration and Creating Efficiencies

How RetireeFirst Helps Public Sector HR Teams Navigate Medicare and Serve Group Retirees

As a human resources professional in the public sector, you are all too familiar with the immense amount of administrative time and responsibility taken on by plan sponsors and benefit teams in managing group retiree benefits. This is especially prevalent within the public sector, where plan sponsors are faced not only with heightened financial constraints but are also expected to do more with fewer resources.

The complex world of Medicare can be overwhelming, and retirees, who may have questions and concerns, deserve dedicated attention. That’s where RetireeFirst can help: As the premier group plan Medicare Benefits Manager, we specialize in assisting clients and their retirees with navigating the Medicare maze, working in a collaborative way with our client’s benefit broker or consultant. We provide expert guidance, administration, and retiree advocacy services, ultimately relieving plan sponsors of day-to-day administration and helping lower overall plan and liability costs. Our expertise and differentiation are driven by solving for the group Medicare retiree challenges of more than 300+ clients and uniquely seeing the market through hundreds of proposals and renewals each year – specializing in serving public sector plan sponsors and their broker or consultant.

Medicare Plan Design and Savings

At RetireeFirst, we understand that every organization has unique needs and goals when it comes to retiree benefits. That’s why we collaborate very closely with our clients and serve as an extension of their benefits consultants and brokers in designing custom Medicare plans that meet their specific needs and budget. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of Medicare rules and regulations, allowing us to identify opportunities for cost savings and to maximize retiree benefits.

Implementation Process

As an experienced Medicare Benefit Manager, we understand that each plan has distinctive characteristics and requirements which must be met to achieve success. Our team has supported plan sponsors in over 300 implementations. Based on this history, we understand that no implementation is alike; therefore, we have developed and fine-tuned a customizable implementation “playbook” to predict unforeseen obstacles, effectively mitigate, and avoid occurrences of disruption and confusion, and meet our clients’ unique needs.

Service for Retirees

With any change in benefit plans, it is not uncommon to encounter apprehension among retirees. Concerns arise regarding doctors being out of network, prior authorizations, and medication coverage. Change, in any form, can be intimidating, and retirees may face certain obstacles during the transition. However, we work closely with each retiree to ensure a smooth transition to their new Medicare coverage. Our team is available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the implementation process and after go-live, ensuring that retirees have a clear understanding of their benefits and how to use them. Creating a positive experience through retiree healthcare advocacy is our priority and at the heart of everything we do. Retirees talk to a live person based in the U.S.—no chatbots—who help proactively resolve any healthcare benefits challenge they may face. RetireeFirst Advocates truly care about helping members navigate Medicare and improve their health and wellbeing, resulting in happier and more engaged members.

Save Time and Offer Savings

We understand that your time is valuable. By partnering with RetireeFirst, HR professionals and plan sponsors can save valuable time and resources, enabling you to focus on other key priorities. RetireeFirst lightens your administrative workload, enabling you to focus on other strategic initiatives and projects. We are an extension of your team and can manage as much or as little as you need, without you having to change your processes. The significant administrative hours saved by you and your staff can add up to meaningful soft cost savings and promote additional HR bandwidth and team productivity.

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