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Your Trusted Partner for Retiree Healthcare Benefits

At RetireeFirst, our mission is to provide a seamless implementation process and ongoing service experience through all the phases of preserving and administering your retirees’ healthcare benefits. We are an extension of your team and can manage as much or as little as you need, without you having to change your processes. We will help lighten the administrative workload of servicing retirees, enabling you to focus on other key priorities.

The primary areas where we provide superior service are a Dedicated Service Team, Eligibility Management, and Billing and Invoicing.

Your Dedicated RetireeFirst Team

Each retiree plan has distinctive characteristics and requirements which must be met to achieve success. To aid in that success, you will work with an experienced RetireeFirst team of in-house, Medicare-trained professionals, who will support your staff to meet your requirements and your retirees’ expectations.

The following positions are the experts that comprise your dedicated team, along with their key responsibilities:

Client Service Manager

The Client Service Manager is your day-to-day contact who handles all plan-related needs, including billing, eligibility, retiree questions, plan design, retiree outreach, and more.

Implementation Specialist

The Implementation Specialist serves as the main contact during the implementation process, facilitating client calls, overseeing initial retiree communication drafting, managing eligibility, and ensuring a smooth implementation through the go-live date.

Retiree Advocates

The Retiree Advocates serve as the main point of contact for your retirees, handling daily phone communications, resolving plan design questions and concerns, contacting pharmacies and providers to address issues, providing issue resolution updates to retirees, and educating them on ancillary plan benefits and wellness programs.

Client Service Director

The Client Service Director provides client oversight and assists Client Service Managers with high-priority and escalated situations.

Vice President, Client Relations

The Vice President, Client Relations assists with renewals, plan changes, reporting, donation requests, event and meeting participation requests, and escalated plan design questions and concerns.

Vice President, Client Services

The Vice President, Client Services provides support and guidance in handling high-priority, escalated situations, as well as addressing global concerns.

Regional Vice President, Sales

The RVP is your key sales contact.

Eligibility Management

Your Client Service Manager will also be responsible for managing ongoing eligibility. Following are additional enrollment responsibilities that your Client Service Manager and team will oversee:

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We ensure that retirees are enrolled and disenrolled on the requested date while ensuring that CMS guidelines are being followed.

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We can accept your retiree enrollment data in any format.

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We make welcome calls to each new retiree once we are notified they are joining the plan (post initial implementation), to introduce ourselves and advise them that we are sending a welcome packet.

Billing and Invoices

  • We perform comprehensive eligibility reconciliations to ensure accurate information across client, carrier, and RetireeFirst records.
  • Invoices are sent to reflect live-time eligibility.
  • Invoices can be customized to include requested client-specific information.
  • Multiple payment remittance options.
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City of Denton logo

City of Denton

“I can’t fully express how much I appreciate the great job the Retiree First team does with our retirees when assisting with issues. The advocates go above and beyond to help our members feel comfortable.”

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President, Teamsters Local 282 of New York

Thomas Geseualdi

“Throughout our 10 year partnership with Labor First, we have experienced incredible customer service, significant cost savings and most importantly, improved benefits for our retirees,” said Thomas Gesualdi, President of Teamsters Local 282 of New York. “Since working with the company, we have saved a significant amount of money for the same medical plan we already had by simply eliminating unnecessary fees – enabling us to keep the same benefits in place while adding additional benefits coupled with an extra layer of service for our retirees.”

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Benefits Manager, City of Grapevine

Rachel Gent

“Being able to pass benefit administration to RetireeFirst has been a huge help. They do patient advocacy, they educate the retirees, they do outreach, which is huge. They are there to support the retirees. I didn’t really have to lift a finger. I would highly recommend working with RetireeFirst.”

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Fund Chairman, Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters

Carl Pecoraro

“Working with RetireeFirst has completely transformed the funding of our plan as it relates to retiree healthcare. They have been a valuable partner for over eight years, from designing to implementing to managing our Medicare retirement benefits. They do all of this while guaranteeing quality retiree benefits that are still affordable.”

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