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If you have any questions or need assistance including items such as card replacements, formulary questions, mail order assistance, pharmacy issues or any other overall plan items:

Please call RetireeFirst at: 3122486508 (TTY 711) or toll free at 8776607919 (TTY 711)

About RetireeFirst

The Chicago Fire Fighters Union Local 2 is pleased to announce that the current plans
with Aetna will continue for another 2 years. Below you will find the rates for 2023 and
the rate caps (maximum increase) and 2024. There is one major upgrade to the
Rx portion of the plan for 2022 Specialty prescriptions will now include an outof
pocket maximum of $450. Select the links below for more detailed information.

Patrick Cleary

2023  2024
PLAN OPTION 1:  $284.38  $288.28 
PLAN OPTION 2: $210.38 


2023 Plan Improvements 

  • Reducing the specialty pharmacy copay maximum from $450 to $400.  
  • 2022 premium flat with no change provides additional value to the Trusts and membership for this benefit modification. 
  • Meal Benefit – 14 Meals (2 meals daily for 7 days following an inpatient stay) 
  • Transportation – 24 One-Way Trips/Unlimited Miles 


Local 2 Dental and Vision Plan Information