On-Demand Webinar: The Evolution of Employer-Sponsored Medicare Health Benefits


I. Original Medicare Refresh

An overview of Medicare, covering the different parts (A and B) and their respective coverage benefits. This section will provide a refresher on the basics and history of Medicare.

II. Employer Sponsored Plans and Coordinating with Medicare Benefits

How employer-sponsored plans effectively utilized Medicare reimbursements by coordinating with Medicare Parts A and B. This coordination allows employers to enhance the coverage provided to their employees and retirees, maximizing the benefits available through the Medicare program.

III. The Evolution of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program

Examining the historical context that led to the creation of Medicare Part D. We will discuss how rising prescription drug costs during the 1990s and early 2000s exposed a significant gap in Medicare’s coverage, leading to the introduction of Medicare Part D in 2006. We will also touch upon options within employer-sponsored plans that provide prescription drug coverage, such as Group Part D EGWP or RDS, and how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) helped shape what Medicare Advantage is today.

IV. The Rise of Medicare Advantage

Highlighting the increasing popularity of Medicare Advantage among employer- sponsored plans. This section will emphasize the benefits of Medicare Advantage, including the opportunity to reduce costs and OPEB (Other Post-Employment Benefits) liability while still delivering high-quality benefits to plan participants. We will discuss the shift in enrollment towards Medicare Advantage and the significant benefits it offers for both plan sponsors and retirees.

V. Future Trends and Considerations

Providing insights into future trends in Medicare Advantage and offering considerations for employers and plan sponsors. This section will explore emerging developments in the Medicare landscape, such as changes in regulations, market dynamics, and consumer preferences. It will also provide guidance on how to navigate potential pitfalls

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John P. Dulczak | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | RetireeFirst

As Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of RetireeFirst, John oversees business strategy, growth planning, and overall operations for the company. Under John’s leadership, the organization has grown significantly since its founding and continues to expand its employee base among all functional departments.

John began his professional career serving ERISA union and public sector health and welfare funds. He worked as a multiemployer benefit plan administrator, managing 3 health and welfare funds totaling over 30,000 members and dependents. He then served as the National Director of Taft-Hartley Business Development for Prescription Solutions.

John is often featured as a presenter and keynote speaker at trade conferences throughout the country. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.