New Webinar on Feb 28 | "Navigating Medicare in 2024: CMS Updates, IRA Impacts, and Key Considerations"

Webinar Description

If you’re responsible for group retiree health benefits, the landscape of Medicare is evolving, especially with the slated changes in 2024 and beyond. Dive into our insightful webinar to gain comprehensive knowledge on:

Topics include:

  • CMS Updates
  • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Implications
  • Part D Changes Insights from carrier partners
  • Timeline and upcoming key dates
  • Strategic considerations for plan sponsors

Meet the Speakers

Rick Kaplan headshot

Rick Kaplan | Chief Growth Officer | RetireeFirst

As Chief Growth Officer, Rick Kaplan oversees RetireeFirst’s growth acceleration and performance, including leading our teams in sales, client relations and marketing. Rick is mission-focused on helping others at a broad scale through innovative healthcare initiatives. Throughout his career, he has seen the importance of organizations providing hard-earned retiree benefits in enabling retirees to live healthy, fulfilling lives and be productive members of their communities.

Sheela Andrews headshot

Sheela Andrews, Pharm. D | Chief Product Officer | RetireeFirst

As Chief Product Officer, Sheela’s primary focus is to strengthen and build out the current Medicare products we offer while focused on the strategic direction of the organization. She is responsible for owning and overseeing the strategy, planning, development, and implementation of all of RetireeFirst’s Medicare products, carrier relationships and collaboration, strengthening compliance, data integration improvements, and product service enhancements.