Briana Grayson

Senior Client Service Manager

Briana knew as a child she would pursue a career in healthcare. While completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry, she took a chemical nutrition class, which piqued her interest in the interface between science and health. After completing the degree, she enrolled in a Master of Public Health program with a nutrition concentration to increase her knowledge about the environmental, social, and economic factors that affect the health of populations, while working full-time as a Pharmacy Technician at CVS Pharmacy. She learned valuable skills including how to interact with patients, and medications and their uses. She desired to expand her pharmacy experience, so she began working for a hospice pharmacy provider, where she prepared medication orders, maintained inventory, monitored the status of outstanding CII prescriptions, and communicated with prescribers and hospices to ensure hospice patients received their proper comfort medications. In addition, she pursued a Master of Biomedical Sciences degree to increase her knowledge about the mechanisms of disease and learn about the effects of pathology on the people she serves. She desires to continue her career in healthcare to help people improve their quality of life through health promotion, maintenance, and restoration.