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Closing the Gap on Medicare Retirement Benefits

Engaging Retirees on Preventative Health and Wellness

MemberCare Connect engages retirees to take ownership of their health, reducing gaps in care and focusing on improving retiree health and wellness. By providing personalized retiree advocacy support, our world–class Advocates are dedicated to increasing member engagement and meeting the needs of each member. Partnering with carriers, they proactively provide education and encouragement to retirees to obtain appropriate screenings and preventative care, resulting in better health outcomes for members, plan sponsors, and carriers.

MemberCare Connect Leads to Healthier Outcomes

It’s important to address retiree health and wellness needs in order to improve health equity and outcomes. But this is often easier said than done.

We focus on creating personal relationships with retirees. Our Advocates help them navigate and manage their benefits, and create a less stressful retirement experience throughout their healthcare journey. As part of our MemberCare Connect program, Advocates educate and connect retirees to programs from their carrier that can close their gaps in care, and improve their health and wellbeing. More engaged members means happier and healthier members—driving value for the plan sponsor and health plan.

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“My Advocate, Chris, is extremely kind, understanding, and determined to help. I can’t thank him enough.”

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Larry Sizemore

“My Advocate, Trish, is extremely friendly, courteous, and enjoyable to talk to. She is very informed and quick to get things done on my behalf. I had a problem getting a prescription and when I spoke with her, she was able to discover the problem and take steps to quickly correct it. Thank you.”

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Karen Ash

“My Advocate, Ashley, is a skilled professional who always answers my questions and supports me with complex billing issues. Without her support during stressful times, I don’t know what me and my husband would do.”

Healthier, Happier Members

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Connecting Members to Health and Wellness Programs

Through our trusted relationships with individual retirees, and in partnership with carriers, RetireeFirst has demonstrated success in providing proactive outreach to educate members on available wellness, clinical, and other gaps in care benefits. Retirees are happier and healthier, contributing to lower overall costs, a significantly reduced administrative workload for plan sponsors, and greater satisfaction for all.

Our retirees receive personalized support from our advocacy team through every phase of their journey. All our Advocates are based in the U.S., and they are never measured on call handling time. This approach has consistently garnered a Member NPS score of 90+, and is what enables us to connect members to health and wellness programs, including activities and education that close gaps in care, improving HEDIS and STARs measures.

We have a 90+ Net Promoter Score and 100% client retention rate—significantly higher than the industry benchmark—which is a testament to our people-first approach and results.

Building Member Relationships Closes Gaps in Care

How it Works

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Our Carrier Partnerships

Carriers have great health and wellness programs for retirees, but personalized member relationships is often the best way to connect retirees to them. That’s what we do best.

We collaborate with all major national carriers, who let us know which members have gaps in care that need to be closed—for example, annual wellness checkups, flu shots, HEDIS measures and more.

We reach out to our members, whom we’ve already built strong relationships with, and provide education on available health plan partner programs and activities to close gaps in care and why it’s important to do so. We ask them to take action, and partner with the carrier throughout the process, reporting updates throughout.

Our goal is for retirees to be happier and healthier, plan sponsors to see greater value and carriers to meet their goals. By educating and helping to close gaps in care, we create a more positive experience and healthier outcomes for everyone.

Our Member Relationships

As part of our MemberFirst program, our Advocates already help retirees navigate the complex Medicare landscape. With MemberCare Connect, our goal is to help them lead a happier, healthier life with a personalized, trusted advisor approach.

We understand retirees and their needs. Taking a relationship—oriented approach, we educate retirees about gaps in their care, ask them to take action, and connect them to appropriate health improvement and wellness programs.

When needed, we can also help schedule visits with their healthcare provider or other activities that focus on closing a gap in care. It’s full service retiree healthcare advocacy unlike anything else in the industry.

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