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Navigating group retiree benefits is challenging. Costs are rising, the Medicare landscape is complex, and plan sponsors need to manage benefits budgets and risks while making sure member needs are met.

Our sole focus on retiree benefits means you’ll gain an expert guide to lead the way, and our solutions and services will make an immediate impact on your organization.

Our solutions and services help plan sponsors preserve and enhance retiree benefits while significantly reducing costs and administrative burden—and together they create a seamless benefits experience.

Our unparalleled advocacy program, MemberFirst, is the backbone of our services, and gives retirees the personalized benefits support they need. We go above and beyond for our clients, and our Advocates give retirees a guiding hand to navigate their entire healthcare and benefits journey—ensuring peace of mind.

We solve real needs that make a real impact. Hear from our clients, members, and employees.

What We Do

Our end–to–end Retiree Benefit Management solution helps plan sponsors design, implement, manage, and administer group retiree healthcare benefits. We reduce costs and administrative burden for plan sponsors while significantly enhancing the benefits experience and helping improve health and wellness for members.

We identify Medicare–eligible retirees, conduct cost–benefit analyses to determine right–fit plans, and then seamlessly transition retirees into Medicare. TransitionFirst takes the administrative burden off plan sponsors and makes Medicare migration easy for members.

Our advocacy program is our hallmark service. We’re dedicated to helping members navigate the complex retiree healthcare landscape and help troubleshoot issues with the carrier, provider office, and/or pharmacy at the member level. Our Advocates build real relationships with members. It is a world–class service model unlike anything else in the industry, and it is embedded into all our offerings.

Our proprietary program engages members to take ownership of their health, reduces gaps in care, and ultimately improves the health and wellness of retirees.

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Community College of Baltimore County

Patricia Lavenstein

“My Advocate, Lily, at Labor First always seems like she is smiling during our conversations. She enthusiastically and quickly helps me resolve my problems.”

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Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago, Lodge #7

Patricia Hofer

“My Advocate, Chris, is extremely kind, understand and determined to help. I can’t thank him enough.”

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Los Angeles County Office of Education

Mildred Butler

“It is wonderful speaking with a human rather than a chatbot! I appreciated my Advocate’s thoughtfulness and sweet demeanor. This company is a breath of fresh air!”

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Our return from Exchange program supports retirees with moving from an individual Medicare product to a group Medicare retiree benefits product. Plan sponsors gain more value from their retiree benefits plans while reducing administrative burden, and members get dedicated, hands–on support from our Advocates who walk them through the entire process.


Immediate bottom-line savings for groups moving to Medicare Advantage for the first time


Net Promoter Score


Client retention rate


market analysis to ensure competitive benefits and renewal rates

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Dorchester County Public Schools


“My Advocate, Paul, is very easy to talk to. When I had a challenge with my insurance cards, his actions and our conversations reassured me along the way. He kept on top of it and even called me to check in on the progress.”

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Alaska Laborers Local 341 and 942


“My Advocate, Julianne, consistently provides excellent service from initial contact through resolving issues. I never had a representative who was so attentive, conscientious, and interested in helping me while being very friendly the whole time. What a pleasure!”

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Local 74


“The Advocate I work with is a great person. She is highly efficient, knowledgeable, and handles any problems that arise. We highly respect her for the outstanding job she does.”

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