Medicare Advantage

Since Medicare Advantage (MA) plans were first launched in 2003, many plan sponsors have been unsure if they are the right choice to cover retiree healthcare needs. Medicare Advantage plans are a type of health benefit offered by private insurance companies that contract directly with Medicare to provide Part A (hospital) and Part B (medical) benefits. Some Medicare Advantage plans offer optional Part D (prescription drug) coverage, referred to as “MAPD.”

In addition to handling all ongoing client and participant service, Retiree First’s Medicare Advantage strategy focuses on ensuring network access everywhere Medicare is accepted. We design all of our MA and MAPD plans to replicate the benefit levels and costs retirees were accustomed to while working, ensuring a seamless transition into retirement. We can structure your plan with full, partial, or no group funding (voluntary enrollment) – ultimately tailoring a retiree solution that fits your group’s health benefit and financial needs.

Please read below a listing of the highlights for this benefit solution and continue scrolling for a case example of the savings and improved efficiency impact available when moving to a Medicare Advantage plan with Retiree First.

Product Highlights:

• Highly customizable plan designs
• National / Passive PPO networks available (accepted anywhere Medicare is accepted)
• Traditional HMO or PPO networks available
• Can include Prescription Drug (EGWP)
• Composite group pricing that is guaranteed issue regardless of age, health condition or geography
• Plan can include non-Medicare benefits such as hearing, vision, dental and gym memberships


Please read how our propriety service & administrative technology platform work with the above Medicare Advantage solution for you as a plan sponsor or for your retired participants.

Case Study:


Prior to Retiree First, this client was offering their retired participants four different plan design options from two separate carriers (Regional Carrier A and Regional Carrier B). Each carrier offered an HMO & PPO option for the membership. With less than 50% of eligible participants enrolled due to the high costs and network restrictions, Retiree First was able to propose a different solution. We offered a high and low plan option from a single carrier at a lower cost with a national network (NPPO) allowing retirees to utilize the doctors and hospitals they wanted to.

Regional Carrier A:
HMO: $293 PMPM
PPO: $389 PMPM
Regional Carrier B:
HMO: $240 PMPM
PPO: $438 PMPM
Retiree First Proposed Costs:
NPPO: $234.75 PMPM
NPPO: $275.70 PMPM


A Happy Retiree Equals... A Happy Client.

The retirees of this client were pleased to have better and easier plan options to choose from, at a lower cost then were previously available to them, improving their retiree healthcare experience.