Liver Health

Posted:June 16, 2017

The liver is responsible for filtration of blood and changing food into energy. Maintaining a healthy liver is an essential component of longevity (and a daily cup of coffee or tea may be able to help). A liver is also capable of regeneration if part of the organ is removed or damaged.

Liver regeneration has its limits. A liver damaged by cirrhosis can’t fix itself to a pre-illness state. That’s why along with heart health and brain health, it’s important to take the necessary steps to promote liver health. This includes drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation and taking prescription drugs only as directed, since the liver works to filter the toxins consumed with alcohol and prescription drugs.

Taking prescription drugs as maintenance medications or to treat an illness is obviously an essential and mandatory part of one’s health or recovery. Regular blood tests as part of an annual physical or yearly wellness visit are used in part to monitor how medications affect the liver.