Guide to Injections, Shots, and Vaccines

Posted:June 8, 2017

Previous posts on our Retiree Corner blog have addressed how Medicare covers injections, shots and vaccines. Here are links to two informational guides, published by the Medicare Rights Center and the National Council on Aging:

Medicare Drug Coverage: Part D vs. Part B

Vaccines: What Medicare Pays For

A guideline worth remembering is that Medicare Part D usually covers vaccines related to the prevention of an illness. However, vaccines to prevent the flu, pneumonia and hepatitis B are covered under Medicare Part B.

Outside of the flu, pneumonia and hepatitis B shots, Part B covers vaccinations administered to treat an existing injury or illness. Infusions given by a doctor in a medical facility to treat an illness are also covered under Part B.

Self-injectable drugs such as insulin are covered under Part D. The supplies used to inject insulin are also covered under Part D. However, diabetic testing supplies such as glucose monitors and test strips are covered under Part B. For more information, check out the Medicare Rights Center’s diabetes services and supplies guide.

While these coverage guides can be confusing, it’s important to remember that an important infusion, inoculation, injection, shot or vaccine is most likely covered by Medicare when medically necessary.