Don’t Forget to Floss! Oral Health & Aging

Posted:July 21, 2017

As you age, your teeth become more sensitive, requiring frequent visits to your dentist office. It is important to know the risk factors that aging brings to your oral health.

You become more prone to issues such as cavities, gum disease and root decay. It is very important to brush twice, even three times, daily AND use floss. Most tooth decay develops between the teeth where people often do not floss.

Dry mouth is also a persistent problem for the elderly population who take prescription medication. Prescription drugs decrease the amount of saliva being produced in your mouth. Saliva helps to wash away bacteria that causes tooth decay. If you experience dry mouth, talk to your dentist about options to treat it.

Caring for your mouth and teeth may be difficult for those who experience arthritis. Picking up toothbrushes, using floss, or anything that involves your hands may be a challenge. There are options your dentist can provide to make your oral health routine more comfortable.

Overall, the best way to prevent oral health disease is to brush and floss your teeth daily and make frequent dentist visits for checkups!

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