Diabetic Supplies and Medicare

Posted:May 4, 2015

Our Senior Health Advocates often receive calls about Diabetic Supplies “not being covered”. The issue is not that they are not covered, it is that most Retirees are unaware of which plan to bill them under. Below we have provided a helpful list of which supplies fall under your Part D plan versus your Part B plan.

Covered under Part D (Prescription)

• Syringes (empty or filled)
• Gauze
• Alcohol Swabs

*Be sure to show the pharmacist your Prescription Card

Covered under Part B (Medical)

• Testing Strips
• Lancets
• Meters

* Be sure to show the pharmacist your Red, White, and Blue Medicare Card and Medicare Supplement Card.

Please be advised that not all retail pharmacies have the ability to bill Medicare Supplement plans for Diabetic Supplies that fall under Part B. For more information on which pharmacies are best to use, members are encouraged to call Labor First Advocates at (856) 316-7226. As long as you follow these simple rules, you will never be told that your Diabetic Supplies “are not covered” again!