Local 420 Annual Wellness Visit

Posted:April 28, 2016

This week we wrapped up our second year of Medicare Annual Wellness Visits at Steamfitters Local 420 in Philadelphia. The turnout was great; there was a mix of first timers and repeat retirees. The members were impressed at how thorough and beneficial the screenings were.

The Annual Wellness Visit differs from a routine physical in that it is more comprehensive and focused on preventative care.  First, standard testing is performed for things such as blood pressure, balance, and hearing.  Next, members meet with specialized doctors including a cardiologist and dermatologist.  The doctors discuss health history and preventative measures with members and prescribe further testing as they see fit.  Finally, members are prescribed in house ANS screenings and ultrasounds.

At the conclusion of the visit, members leave with a five to ten-year preventative plan and recommendations for follow up appointments. The purpose of the Annual Wellness Visit is to guide members towards a healthy lifestyle so they can comfortably enjoy their retirement and cut health costs for plan sponsors.

420 AWV Spring 2016

To learn more about scheduling an Annual Wellness Visit for your Local, please contact Labor First at info@labor-first.com