Labor First Case Study by NewVoiceMedia

Posted:June 2, 2015

Labor First currently supports over 30 plus unions and public sector clients with over 25,000 members.  Our business model considers service to be just as, if not more, important than the savings achieved by a benefit change; therefore, with our growing number of clients and members we began to look for better ways to ensure consistent and outstanding customer service.  Labor First has a client-dedicated face-to-face member service strategy focused on elimination of disruption during implementation and ongoing account management support.

After careful research, we chose NewVoiceMedia in 2013 to integrate our call center into our customer relationship management (CRM) program, Salesforce. NewVoiceMedia was able to increase productivity in a number of ways. They implemented call recording which eliminated time spent typing detailed notes and increased time spent on issue resolution.  Phone number association was added providing screen pops to a specific member’s profile. Call data was logged with reporting functions to produce call reports for clients.  Automatic call routing was enabled to connect the member to the last advocate they spoke with.  All in all, Labor First now had the ability to handle 10 times the number of calls prior to the change. NewVoiceMedia made it possible for Labor First to continue to serve the needs of the growing retiree population.

Madeline Candid

To read the full case study released by NewVoiceMedia: Labor First retirees on-premise technology to increase customer service efficiency tenfold with NewVoiceMedia