Teamsters Local 282

“Labor First is always seeking ways to save us money and keep benefits steady, without increasing our costs. The Labor First Team is top notch and our Retirees find it easy to work with them.”

--Mario Bulding, Fund Administrator – Teamsters Local 282

For many years, the Teamsters Local 282 had been covering 100% of the medicals costs for their members and had been manually paying claims through their fund office. Members were struggling with the cumbersome claims process, which involved manually mailing their EOB and medical bills to the fund. With healthcare costs rising, they met with us to bring costs under control and offer their members unparalleled service.

Like many welfare funds, Local 282 had seen the need to cut benefits across time in order to cope with the ballooning costs of retiree healthcare. The administrative processes alone, related to paying out claims to members and medical facilities, were applying significant pressure to their operating budgets. As a result, they had been unable to provide prescription drug coverage options to their members for some time and more benefit cuts were in order. The self funded medical plan approach and in-house claims processing system was unsustainable.

“Our team was delighted to work with Local 282 to implement a Medicare plan and system that was easier for the members and the Fund office - all while significantly reducing their costs.”

--John Dulczak, Chairman and CEO of Labor First

We pride ourselves in delivering value, above and beyond the plan savings. Our solution put in place a Medicare Supplement plan that reduced their healthcare plan costs and streamlined their entire claims process. The Fund no longer had to deal with processing claims and the members no longer had to manually submit EOBs and medical bills. Instead all claims are managed electronically by the plan. Members experienced no interruptions in their healthcare, were able to keep their trusted doctors and medical facilities, and their plan is accepted in all 50 states, wherever Medicare is accepted.

Savings were then turned into valuable benefits for the members. We were able to provide them with a new group Part D drug plan to compliment their medical coverage. Coupled with our award winning service, Local 282 retirees can count on our friendly and knowledgeable Retiree Advocates for both their medical and prescription drug needs. Each member has access to a Retiree Advocate that knows them by name and can assist them with claims, payments, physician or pharmacy assistance, and even join them on a call with Medicare or a provider.

Our comprehensive solution was able to save Local 282 over $800,000. It will continue to offer their retirees the peace of mind and support that they deserve. Our 100% client retention rate is evidence of the relationships we build with our clients and affirms our commitment the retiree population - from one generation to the next."

Our Solution

Previous Costs $3,163,401
Labor First Costs $2,340,132
Savings $823,263
$65 per member per month savings!